Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) Powder is Available In
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is your pepper powder hot?
A. Yes this stuff is insanely hot.
Q. Where are the peppers grown?
A. The Ghost peppers are grown in India and imported into the USA.
Q. Do we have to use a spoon to get the powered out of the jar?
A. No. Each container comes with a built in sifter so you can shake the powered out onto your food. The larger size powders hav a uilt in sifter and area to spoon our powder if you need alot at once.
Q. Do you Wholesale your hot pepper products?
A. Yes we do. Please contact us for details.
Q. How are your peppers dried?
A. Our Ghost pepper product is smoked for a great smokey flavor. Our other powders are oven dried.